The Amazing Saturn Experience

Experiencing the view of Saturn through a telescope (even a modest one) is some of those things no one should miss in their lifetime. You could have seen a million pictures of it. You could have seen lots of ringed planets in cartoons and science fiction. Yet, you will hardly imagine how unbelievable and amazing it looks when you see Saturn in reality. The sky is full of things that have the capacity of blowing you away and make you appreciate the magnificent beauty of nature. You can look at thrilling nebulas, star clusters, galaxies or planets. Nevertheless, almost none can compete with the view of Saturn. It's something really unique. So much that it can easily get someone emotional. It is not rare to find, among those who have made astronomy their hobby or profession, someone whose passion was triggered by looking at Saturn through a telescope for the first time. Being able to appreciate the magnitude of its rings in real life is so impressive that it feels surreal. If you haven't experienced looking at the, fairly called, jewel of the solar system, please stop reading, grab any telescope you can, and go do it.

Amazing image of Saturn taken by Cassini on October 6, 2014.

Topics: Astronomy

By Aerospace Insight