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Mobile FliteDeck - By Jeppesen

Aeronautical Charts

Essential mobile app for every pilot. It contains IFR and VFR navigation charts, of lower and upper airspaces in the whole world. Also contains weather information and data and maps of every airport, including their SID, STAR and approach charts. All the charts in the app are Jeppesen. You can install the app on an iPad to have all the charts needed for your flight on one device. The reliability of replacing the traditional navigation charts with digital charts in any flight has already been approved by the FAA. The iPad had to overcome 3 months of tests in 250 flights, including sudden decompressions at 51000 feet of altitude, before its use has been approved.

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Live Air Traffic Controllers

Listen to the communications between pilots and controllers all around the world in real time. You can tune Clearance Delivery frequencies, Ground frequencies, Tower frequencies, Departue y Approach frequencies from a great amount of airports in the whole world. You can also tune the frequencies of many area control centers. This tool is very useful for those who are just starting to be pilots as it helps to get acquainted with communications and radio procedures, and to adapt to listening.

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E6B Calculator and Sporty's E6B

Flight Computers

With these apps you can make multiple operations and calculations that are useful to perform a flight. E6B Calculator is a free app that is available only for Android. On the contrary, Sporty's E6B require payment and is available for Android as well as iOS. Boths apps allow to perform distance, pressure and temperature convertions; perform speed, wind, directions, fuel, distance and flight time calculations; among other functions.

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With this tool you can obtain high precision weather information from almost every important airport in the world. Enter the ICAO code of an airport or search it by name or location and its updated weather report will be shown. This tool is essential for every pilot or person that desire to know, with precision and detail, the current weather conditions, the short term forecast, or the METAR and TAF reports of a specific airport.

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Flight Planning and Aeronautical Charts

This web app for pilots consists of IFR and VFR worldwide navigation maps, of lower and upper airspaces, to interact with and plan a flight path. The application allows you to easily select the airways, navaids, intersections and waypoints you intend to fly, generating information such as distances, headings and flight time of each segment of the route. It provides information and charts for each airport and the frequencies and codes of each navaid.

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Live Air Traffic

With this tracking system you can display every plane flying trough any radar controlled zone around the world with an active transponder. You can see the airplanes live location and follow their moves, besides you can get information such as airplane type, registration, squawk code, operator or airline, departure, destination, arrival estimated time, speed, altitude, vertical speed, and more.

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